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I believe that the human body has untapped potential for providing us with everything we need to live a vibrant, healthy and happy life. We just don't know how to use it properly.


And that's okay, because most of us have never been taught to.


Modern nutrition sees the human body as a lump of flesh that needs carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to operate. It negates the fact that there is much more to a well-functioning body than just the right nutrition.


There is no 'one-size-fits-all' diet out there.


The food and wellness industry is full of fad diets overrated advice that is not sustaining for most people. We need to be looking at the individual, and how unique the bodies we live in are. If we adopt the wrong advice for our body type then years down the line we could be causing all sorts of imbalances and problems.


The body is a complex energetic matrix and Ayurveda gives us the technology and tools to be able to understand this.


The work I do with clients harnesses the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda so that you can apply lasting and integrative solutions to your diet and energy imbalances. When looking at imbalances and solutions, we delve into food, lifestyle, activity and emotion to dig into what changes really need to happen.


My approach is to apply change gently, yet consistently - in a manner that is non-violent to the body and lasting in effect.

Matthew Teague

I have always been fascinated by food.

My food journey started when I was young - mirroring mum in the kitchen and learning her ways were the imprintings for my future interests. I moved to Hong Kong when I was 8 years old, and travelled a lot as a child, which exposed me to some of the more radical dishes of South-East Asia, as well as some of the Eastern traditions of wellness and mindfulness.


I adopted a plant-based lifestyle in 2015, and it was only then that I really started to delve into food energetics. I spent some years managing Hong Kong's top plant-based restaurant group, MANA!, and after experiencing some nasty imbalances in my body and gut, began exploring Ayurveda as a method of bringing health and harmony back. Teamed with my sister Rebecca, who was experiencing chronic digestive problems, we embarked on a mission to delve deeper into what was causing us imbalance.

Ayurvrda unleashed a whole world of insight into what it means to be a balanced human, and as I began to understand the human being on a multitude of different levels beyond just the physical body, me and Rebecca came to a place where we were liberated from the digestive issues that previously had a hold on us.


I began to uncover the link between my educated background on understanding our human impact on Earth and the problems we experience in our inner biome - and see that the healing of one cannot happen alone. After some years of study with the American Institute of Vedic Studies, and through the practice of integrating these discoveries into my own life, I have recently begun to offer this wisdom to the wider world.

I now travel and cook at wellness retreats and events, and offer coaching sessions either online or in-person to those who need them.

It is with pleasure and gratitude that I am now able to share with you the myriad of ways in which you can become healthy, energetic, and balanaced - to become the human you were destined to be!


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant

 -  American Institure of Vedic Studies

Permaculture Design Certified

 -  Permaculture Schule Austria

Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator

 -  Alchemy of Breath x ASHA

Yoga Teacher RYT200  

 -  Raj Yoga International - Kannur, India


BSc Human Geography

 -  Cardiff University, Wales

MSc Eco-cities

 -  Cardiff University, Wales

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