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In all of the work we do together, Ayurveda forms the foundation of of wisdom upon which your tailored advice is based. It is a science rooted in the ancient Vedas of India, dating back over 4,000 years, and could not be more relevant today.

It offers profound insight into the elements at play within the human body & nature around us, and shows us how bodily imbalances can be identified and corrected using its tools & principles.

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Ayurveda is a science of life developed to support harmony and vitality in the body. When approaching healing and disease prevention, it honours the uniqueness of each individual person in relation to the five elements:



Ayurveda teaches us that both our bodies, the food we consume, and the experiences we expose ourselves too, all contain combinations of each of these elements.


So naturally, if the body has an imbalance of one of these elements, then we use other elements to counteract and restore harmony.

Treatments that do this include the use of natural therapies, herbs, diet, exercise, and lifestyle guidance, all of which I provide guidance on.

The Elements



Being comprised of the Ether and Air elements, the Vata body type is often a thinner frame and tends to be more ungrounded. Being the dosha of nervourness and creativity, whilst having an aspiration for spiritual life, a Vata individual is more likely to have imbalances in routine, eating regularity, emotional stability and digestion.



A combination of the Fire and Water elements, the Pitta individual will be a medium build. Being the dosha of passion and digestion, Pitta types tend to be more competitive and extreme in their lifestyles, with a tendency to over-work. They have strong digestive capacity, but can easily burn-out energetically and emotionally if not too careful.

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Kapha is a combination of the Water and Earth elements, and tends do be heavier-set in bodily frame. Kapha is the dosha of inactivity and calmness and, despite being of a loving and nurturing nature, Kapha types tend towards imbalance in the arenas of stagnation, poor digestive capacity, and emotional blockages.

The Doshas (body types)

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Prana is the motivating life force between all of the elements in nature. In essence, it is spirit and what gives animation to all things we call 'living'. It is in our breath, food, light from the sun, and in subtle forms of energy.


The food and lifestyle choices that we adopt can work with us to either activate this life force within the body, or against us to diminish it.


Low prana can show itself in many ways, such as a sedentary lifestyle, shortness of breath, poor circulation, constriction in the body, stagnant emotion, or low energy. The moment our channels become clogged or constricted (due to poor diet, poor elimination, allergens, stress, etc.), the Prana and all of its various functions becomes stuck; this is one of the root causes of much disorder and disease.

We work together to explore the opportunities within your life for enhancing your life force and removing the obstacles that stand in your way.

Prana (life force energy)

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Agni (the digestive fire)

The digestive fire is our metabolic capacity - our ability to take in food and turn it into usable energy. When the digestive fire is not operating efficiently, our digestion slows and we become lethargic, stagnant, constipated and eventually develop dis-ease. Poor digestion as a result of poor eating habits and food choices is the root cause of most modern-day illnesses.

Different body types require different management of their digestive fire - some might be over-active, leading to muscle and tissue deficiency. Others may be slow and stagnant, leading to excess fat and gut issues.

My aim is to determine your body type and provide you with the right tools to kick-start and maintain your digestive fire so that you can enjoy the abundant energy that comes from optimally-digested food.

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