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Understand your body type and what food it needs to be energetic & vibrant.

1 hour    -    €100 - 200    -    Online via Zoom


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What you'll get

  • Two detailed intake questionnaires which cover your diet, lifestyle, energy levels & body type

  • 2-3 hours of back-end analysis of your questionnaire results, compiled into an overview document for your keeping (includes analysis of current diet and advice on gut health & digestion)

  • 1 hour one-to-one call to discuss results, recommendations & action plan

  • Advice on changing your diet & best ways to approach for lasting results

  • Advice on food timing that will suit your body's needs

  • Identification of your unique body type

  • Introduction to the concepts of Ayurveda in relation to your body type

  • Overview of your individual bodily imbalances, potential root causes & guidance on how to begin alleviating them

  • Provision of detailed documents on diet, specific to your body type, which include information on:

    • Eating seasonally

    • Food quality, quantity, regimen and combinations for your body type

    • Preparation advice

    • Food timing

    • A detailed table of the best and worst foods for your body type

    • Agni (the digestive fire) and how to harness it

    • An example menu for your body type

Schedule a free call

If you're unsure how you'd like to move forwards, let's arrange a free 15-minute connect to discuss what the best options are for you based on your needs...

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