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Comprehensive information on diet, lifestyle & activity, tailored to your body type's needs.

€90 - 140

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What you'll get

Best for those who are looking to go a little deeper, with steps to integrate findings into their lifestyles.


Based on the intake questionnaire and initial assessment, we will provide you with a thorough custom package that includes the following:

  • Detailed information of lifestyle, eating and habitual adjustments needed to increase digestive capacity, general well-being and energy levels for your body type

  • Provision of basic guidelines for healing identified bodily imbalances (acne, bloating etc) for better comfort and energy levels

  • Customised pantry list with optimum foods for your body type (divided into food groups)

  • Tailored list of food types to avoid to prevent imbalances 

  • Suggestions on substitutions of current foods in your diet

  • How to identify high and low Pranic (energy) foods for better energy levels

  • How to properly read nutrition labels & best practices to avoid harmful food additives

  • Pre & Pro-Biotics guide with recipes for better Gut health

  • Suggestions for vitamins & supplements, if applicable

  • What foods to eat to avoid Glyphosate and other hidden IBS triggers

Optional add-ons:

Schedule a free call

If you're unsure how you'd like to move forwards, let's arrange a free 15-minute connect to discuss what the best options are for you based on your needs...

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