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Unlock Your Vitality:

Comprehensive Assessment with Matt

Embark on a transformative journey to vitality and wellness with a deep dive into your unique constitution. This comprehensive assessment is your first step towards understanding the intricacies of your body and the nourishment it requires to thrive.

251 / $2510 HKD    -    Online via Zoom

What This Service Includes:

  • Personalized Intake Questionnaires: Begin with two in-depth questionnaires designed to explore your dietary habits, lifestyle choices, energy levels, and inherent body type. These questionnaires are the starting point for our journey together, laying the groundwork for a tailored wellness plan.

  • Thorough Analysis: Matt dedicates 3 hours to carefully analyze your responses, crafting a detailed overview that sheds light on your current dietary patterns, gut health, and digestion. This analysis is compiled into a comprehensive document, which will serve as a valuable resource for you.

  • One-on-One Consultation: Engage in a 1-hour personal consultation with Matt to delve into the findings and discuss a customized action plan. This session is an opportunity to understand your results, clarify doubts, and chart out your next steps towards wellness.

  • Dietary Transformation Guidance: Receive expert advice on modifying your diet for optimal health, focusing on what foods best energize and nourish your body. Learn the art of making sustainable dietary changes that promise long-term benefits.

  • Customized Food Timing Recommendations: Discover the ideal timing for your meals and snacks, tailored to harmonize with your body's natural rhythms, enhancing digestion and overall vitality.

  • Ayurvedic Insights: Gain insights into your distinct body type based on Ayurvedic principles, offering a lens through which you can view and understand your physical and mental makeup.

  • Holistic Health Overview: Uncover the unique imbalances within your body, understand potential root causes, and receive guidance on initiating corrective measures. This holistic overview is the key to unlocking a balanced and harmonious state of health.

In-Depth Dietary Resources Provided

  • Strategies for eating in tune with the seasons.

  • Recommendations on food quality, quantity, regimen, and combinations that resonate with your constitution.

  • Practical advice on food preparation to maximize nutritional benefits.

  • Guidelines on food timing to align with your body's needs.

  • A comprehensive list highlighting the most beneficial and least favorable foods for your body type.

  • Insights into 'Agni' (digestive fire) and tips to enhance its efficiency.

  • An illustrative menu tailored to your body type, serving as a blueprint for your dietary planning.

Schedule a free call

If you're unsure how you'd like to move forwards, let's arrange a free 15-minute connect to discuss what the best options are for you based on your needs...

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